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St. Francois Country Fair

FRIday June 25th 7pm XCaliber Pull

Saturday June 26th 2pm Good Ol Boys Pull

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About Xcaliber Pulling

Xcaliber Pulling is a fan friendly organization that is here to promote the sport of truck and tractor pulling. Fans are encouraged to travel with us throughout the season watching and tracking their favorite puller’s ups and downs throughout the season, or just come to your favorite pulling location each year to enjoy a great show.

Xcaliber Pulling is not just another pulling organization in the state of Missouri. Xcaliber Pulling is a one stop shop for promoters looking to fill the stands. Xcaliber Pulling offers several classes equivalent to national level organizations along with other great classes for a variety that can appeal to nearly any promoter. If a promoter is looking for both smoke and noise, we have the potential to meet those needs.

Xcaliber Pulling does not just stop at the fans and promoters, although without them, we would not be here, Xcaliber Pulling strives at creating a smoothly ran event for their pullers. Xcaliber provides the pullers with educated techs, board members, and track crew to assist the pullers in making the event enjoyable and memorable.

Xcaliber offers 5 different tractors and 4 different truck classes.

  • 6400lb Limited Prostock – 410 cu in 3X4 turbo / 360 cu in 2 turbos

  • 8500lb Limited Prostock – 466 cu in 3X4 turbo

  • 6000lb Xtreme Super Stock – Alcohol and Diesel undisciplined high strung tractors

  • 8500lb Diesel Super Stock – Multi turbo charged diesel tractors

  • 4.1 Limited Prostock – 640 cu in 4.1 inlet turbo

  • Prostock 4X4 – 485 Cu in ultra-high RPM street tire spinning 4wd trucks

  • 3.0 Diesel Prostock 4X4 – 7800lb turbocharged smoke rolling torque monsters

  • Modified 2WD – Naturally aspirated 541 cu in wheel standing trucks

  • Modified 4WD – Unlimited cu in mega horsepower dirt movers

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